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About Us

Think of us as your pen pal

except we'll handle the mail for you

Hey there,

At Pen Mail, we all come to work every day because we want to solve some of the biggest problems for direct mail campaigns. Everyone is guessing. Investors don't know what to mail and end up sending average mail pieces only to find mediocre results while agents have trouble finding great listings because their marketing isn't breaking through the noise.

Handwritten notes grow rarer by the day. Who has time to select stationary, draft a letter, pay for stamps, and visit a mailbox anymore? That's why we exist; to create handwritten mail that ensures better return on investment than generic mail. Our mail pieces indicate investment, and for your customers, that very costliness indicates value. We want to make sure your mail is kept around, and not pitched into a trashcan. In fact, people keep our mail. Some bring our letters to the closing table while other homeowners save it for when they're ready to sell. Bottom line, it's worth every penny. We're ready to help you succeed in your next mail campaign.

Thanks for visiting our website.

What we believe in:

Integrity. We stand behind our service.
Results. You get what you pay for.
Excellence. Your competition doesn't stand a chance.

Interested in planning a direct mail campaign? Call us 440-879-8863


Planning a mail campaign? Let's talk about it.

Office: (440) 879-8863

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