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Are real estate agent's allowed to send handwritten mail?

Yes, handwritten real estate letters to potential sellers are a popular way for generating leads.

Do handwritten letters work, and how do they compare to printed letters?

Yes. In today's digital world where your inbox is saturated, your tabs are open everywhere, and your phone ringing with notifications; sending a personal letter to your list of prospects and potential customers is an effective way to create a direct response from them.

Why? Because a personal letter is engaging. To add another "touch" of engagement, it's always a great idea to add a business card which also adds more professionalism to the entire mail piece.

Printed letters are a cost-effective way to market your service yet, these mail pieces are often viewed as marketing pieces. One way to distinguish your printed letter from any other mail piece is to add handwritten elements. Insert a handwritten signature, postscript, and/or hand address the envelope.

Whether you are a real estate investor or broker, trust and likability are two reasons why a potential client would decide to do business with you.

It is not uncommon for our clients to hear, "We worked with you because you wrote us a letter."

Handwritten notes, letters, or postcards are essential in your marketing plan because they help build a personal brand for you. No longer will you have to affiliate with "big name" agencies like Keller Williams, Howard Hanna, or Remax Group. Nor does it hurt you if you are!

The takeaway is: that handwritten marketing is essential for real estate investors, brokerages, and other services like insurance and mortgage companies.

Send handwritten mail to generate leads to your website or to call your office, offer your service, follow up, close and repeat.

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