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Pen Mail Handwritten Photo of Mail

Direct Mail Marketing

Handwritten Letters and Postcards

Flexible pricing for your business

Pricing is based on volume. Schedule a call with us to get your quote.


Note & Envelope

An invitation (5x7") size note and envelope, where everything is written in real ink. Stamped, sealed, and ready to be mailed.

From $1.30 - 1.99



A real ink personal message on the back of your fully customizable postcard.

From $0.98 - 1.20


Printed Letter

A tri-folded printed letter with the recipient's name written with real ink along with your signature. The envelope is also fully handwritten.

From $1.20 - 1.60

Product Form

Browse our sample mail pieces

Our letters are written in ink by our friendly robots and mailed in hand-addressed envelopes with first-class stamps. This results in a highly personalized campaign that gets results. Printed "Handwritten" Fonts simply can not produce the same effect as these.

5x7 Customer Templates (1).png
Pen Mail Website Elements
Pen Mail Website Elements
Pen Mail Website Elements

Make your direct mail campaigns scalable while keeping them highly-customized

We believe that being in the real estate business means you are actually in the people business, and being in the people business means that strong customer relationships are how your business will win in the marketplace.  Discover how our customers use custom fields, to send out personalized mass-mail campaigns to fill their pipeline with a trust-building approach.


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