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What's The Best Way To Buy Land Off-Market?

The best way to buy land off-market through our customer's experience is by sending handwritten postcards. Although, the key is to make contact.

As a real estate investor, one way to make contact is by cold calling, but cold calling requires a salesperson to dial the phone. Although we like to cold call, it is limited in scalability and time. A good cold caller may be able to make 100 calls in an 8 hours work day. In one week, this equates to 500 cold outreaches in which, we do not know how many land owners have an interest in selling their land.

Our Take On Real Estate Investors Using Handwritten Direct Mail

Our customer was able to put 10 parcels of land under contract after sending mail to a list of about 500 prospects.

If you are making a cold outreach to your list of potential sellers, mailing a handwritten letter is a more efficient way to generate inbound leads.

Instead of reaching 500 people, cold, through the phone. Send out 10,000 handwritten letters, notes, or postcards, on any given day.

The best part is inbound calls will already have some level of interest in selling.

The Takeaway: Shortening the period of time to reach more people using direct mail marketing will increase results for your business with generating leads.

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